Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Displaying Treasures

I have to share an incident with you, maybe more of a confession.  I think it will help you understand why this little project was so critical for my household.

My two little ones are in preschool.  This means they bring home approximately 400 pieces of "art" a week.  Fine, maybe more like 20 but that is a lot considering they want it to be prominently displayed on our refrigerator.  Apparently I am a bah-humbug mama because I don't want stuff on my fridge.  Truly, it could be a Renoir and I would still feel like my kitchen was cluttered.  So all art is relegated to the side of the fridge, which leads to some weeding out by mama.

Some time ago my sweet little 2 year old girl went to our kitchen trash and pulled out one of her masterpieces.  She came to me near tears "Mama, why you throw away my picture???"  I of course lied through my teeth.  "NO!  I would NEVER!  I LOVE this picture, I will hang it up right now!  I don't know HOW it got in the trash!"

My husband says I'm evil because it was in the trash 24 hours later, but well covered with other trash.  I aint' no fool.

So I took a trip to Ikea, bought a wire hanging device and clips.  I framed a couple of the more stellar pieces they did this year and I hung it all up in our otherwise empty upstairs hallway.  It is lovely and it allows the kids to come with me and switch out what will hang.  The rest goes into a box if it's keep-worthy.

It both solves our display problem and gives our hallway a little character.  (In case you are wondering, that is our family laundry basket.  I got tired of emptying 3 different baskets upstairs, all dirty clothes and towels go one place now.)

And just for kicks, here is my 3 year old's first ever picture of our family.  He wasn't even instructed to draw it, he was just inspired.  This one's a keeper.


  1. Cute. We've been going through that same thing. I am putting big magnet boards in each girls room. like these...
    or like this...

    That was my project for the week (once I decide on the background) until Megan got sick... oh well, one day I will find the orgnized me!

  2. Valerie-
    This is really cute, and I like that it is large and customizable. I wonder if the fabric causes you to lose some magnetic strength? It seems like the paper might work better on that front- or find some strong magnets. Hope your little one feels better soon, we're getting over 2 weeks of it!