Friday, May 18, 2012

Laundry Sign

I made this sign to go up in my laundry room for about $6.  You can do it too.

Step 1- Buy a piece of white board wood from your local home improvement store.  I bought a piece that was 1" thick, 8" tall and 6 feet long.   Total cost, under $6.

Step 2- Cut the board to fit the space you want to use it in.  I used a chop saw, turned it over and chopped again.  Basically I didn't want to wait for my husband to get home and cut it for me with a circular saw.

 Step 3- Stain or paint a dark base coat.  As the name suggests, the wood is white, or very near it.  If painted white directly, the distressing will not give the desired contrast.  I did not do this carefully, I just rubbed it on until it was dark.

Step 4- Once dry, take a candle and rub it all over the stained piece of wood.  This will cause the paint to rub off more easily when it is time to distress.  I used this method for my kitchen cabinet painting as well, it worked like a charm.

Step 5- Paint the board white.  Again, I used latex I had on hand and a brush.  It was not perfect, I wasn't too worried about perfect.

Step 6- Print out the letters for your text.  I set my font effect to "outline" so I wouldn't waste ink.  Tape it to your board.

Step 7- Using a ball point pen, trace your letters pressing firmly.  This will indent the wood.  White board is very soft, so this method is very effective.  If you are using a harder wood you may need a different transfer method.  I have read you can use newspaper in between and it will transfer. 

Step 8- Paint your letters.  You will need good light to see the indentions you made and small brushes.  I used a black enamel paint because it was what I had on hand.  I am sure using vinyl or making stencils with card stock and an exacto-knife followed by spray paint would give you a more even product.  I was using what I had on hand and I wasn't too worried about perfection.

PS- I did the "25 cents per load" part with a Sharpie marker.

 Step 9- When everything is dry, sand it with a coarse piece of sandpaper until you are satisfied.

 Step 10- Nail hanging hardware to the back.  Make sure you measure down so they are evenly placed, otherwise you will have a very difficult time hanging it level.

Step 11- Hang and enjoy!

If I did this again I would try doing a three layer effect with a dark stain, turquoise paint then white paint so some blue would show through.  Please post a link if you have done something similar or decide to give this a try!

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