Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Master Bath Reveal…2 years later

Do you remember this post ironically titled "Coming Soon" post of June 2010?  Of course you don't, it was 2 years ago.  Well, soon is a relative term, right?

To recap:  Here was the lovely bathroom attached to our master bedroom when we moved into our home almost two years ago.

It was the carpet that really put it over the top for us.  Overall, it was very very builder grade, and bland.  A cacophony of yellow, white and brass.  The plan was simply to replace the flooring.  Ha!   If you have followed this blog for any time at all, you know that could never stand.  Next thing I knew my husband had ripped out the vanity, shower, toilet and bath casing.

We have since spent two years in various stages of remodel.  The sinks were in first.  We did FINALLY FINISH the shower last summer.  The bead board was up early but the caulking and painting months later.  It took until this month to get the other details in order.  So without any further delay….our lovely master bath.

A little insight into my scattered brain: After installing these vanity cabinets, I searched and searched and searched for a cabinet or shelf that would both fit between and look good.  I was becoming quite disheartened.  Then suddenly I remembered and asked my husband "What happened to the tall skinny cabinet we had before we moved?  What happened to it?  Who has it?  Did we throw it away?  Give it away?  Can we get it back?"  It was in our guest room the whole time.  It matches perfectly.  I suppose I need to dust that room more often.

I also had some difficulty finding matching mirrors.  These are frames bought on sale at Michaels with beveled $10 mirrors from Walmart inside. 

We had planned to only do a detail section in this mosaic travertine but we just kept going.  This was one of the elements that pushed up our budget, but it is really beautiful.

It is difficult to photograph a bathroom.  It is a tight space to work in.  
I will tell you, the travertine is gorgeous.  The softness on your feet, the texture, the color, the warmth of natural stone.  I love it.  We will never, Never, NEVER install it again on our own.  It is a bear.  Once it is set in the mortar it sturdy enough but it is extremely crumbly to work with.  We probably had 30-40% waste on the floor, which is 18" tiles compared to closer to 20% waste when we've done ceramic or porcelain.  

I have no idea what the remodel cost us- that is never good!  I feel confident however it will significantly increase the value when the time comes to sell.  Who wouldn't want to get naked here?  ;)

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  1. Rediculously amazing!! I always get such a thrill from your updates, but this takes the cake! You've certainly eanred yourself a soak in that tub!