Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pantry Hallway

Wall filling is an ongoing project when you move into a house.  Especially when you move into a house with significantly more wall space than your former home.  Slowly but surely I've been working a wall at a time.

This little hallway leads to my pantry and laundry room.  It was getting along ok naked, but it's so much happier now that it has some adornment.  

The sign above the pantry, the totally awesome cool postcard/butterfly cork board and the key hooks were from Homegoods and TJMaxx.  If I've never expressed my love for these stores I will state it now.  Love them.  Period.  No one is paying me to say it…unfortunately because that would be pretty cool.  

I needed one more to fill the space.  I picked up this glassless frame at a garage sale for $1.  It was dark brown with some fabric on it.  I whitewashed it.  This simply means I mixed some white paint with water, painted it on and wiped it off.  The result blended well with what I had.  Next I stapled some twine on the back and have used it to hang fabric, seasonal post cards, etc. from clothespins.  This little $1 piece has received more than it's fair share of attention from visitors, it's a popular piece.

I'd love to see how you adorn your odd spaces.  Post a link to your blog in the comments and we'll share the love!

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  1. Hey! Very cute! Just want to mention if you are truly going to use the key holder to hang keys, you may want to consider a small piece of acrylic behind the area where the keys will fall, or you will have scrapes on your pretty painted wall...