Friday, November 14, 2014

Custom Master Closet

Over Christmas break last year my husband informed me he was going to build me a custom closet.  To be honest, I've never once thought, "ooh, I want a custom closet."  Not that I had any love for our wire rack filled walk-in that was full of bags and shoes and stuff, but it seemed like an unnecessary expense.

He explained he wanted to build bookshelves in our front room but wanted to practice somewhere less public first.  Plus, the man had a vision.  A vision I tell you, and I could not see it.  Could.Not.See.It.

But my oh my.  It came out beautifully!  And now I see the vision and it is lovely.

(Disclaimer, our master has a standard sized closet in the main part of the bedroom where my husband graciously stores his things :) )

To the left of the door with a true full size mirror
The full set of drawers have replaced my dresser
and the counter and hooks display my jewelry

The corner is for full length items

The long wall has upper and lower hanging
space with drawers separating above from below

On the right hand wall a cabinet with
adjustable shelves store shoes

Told you so

Back to my jewelry space
because this was the part I had vision for :)

Just thought I should brag on my talented and vision having husband!

PS- Closets and bathrooms are hard to photograph.